Today, we released a set of new features that improve the viewer’s experience with your video content: Resumable Video and Viewer Preferences.

Resumable Video
Resumable Video allows viewers to pick up where they left off in your video content. For example, if they have watched 3 out of 10 minutes of content and leave the page, upon returning the video will pick back up at 3 minutes instead of starting over.

We’re very proud of the way this feature facilitates binge-worthy content in Channels—it’s much more convenient for your audience to pick up where they left off in your show! No more frustration trying to find their spot in your long-form talk show or documentary series. The “Resume” button and progress indicators make it easy for each viewer to determine which episode to continue or watch next.

A few technical notes:

  • Works for videos in Channels and single video embeds
  • The video restarts from the beginning if the viewer left off 5 seconds or less from the end of the video
  • Videos with autoplay enabled have Resumable disabled by default
  • If you’d like to disable Resumable Video on an individual media or Channel, you can set the embed option resumable: false on your embed

If you’ve been using our deprecated Resumable Video Lab, you can feel confident that these two features will still play nicely together. We do recommend you disable the Resumable Video Lab to take full advantage of the experience this new feature provides - it’s pretty wicked.

Viewer Preferences
Our second feature set ensures settings like mute, volume, and playback rate are maintained across videos in a Channel— no more surprises when navigating or auto-advancing between videos!