When you log in to your Wistia account, things might look a little different. That’s because we’ve introduced a brand-new home base that provides you with a streamlined overview of the latest activities and trends, all in one convenient place:

  • Pick Up Where You Left Off: Easily “jump back in” to what you were working on. We’ll remember your recent activities and conveniently place them front and center.

  • Get Instant Insights: Want to keep your finger on the pulse of your video performance? See high-level trends and easily jump into deeper analytics for your videos.

  • Discover More: Uncover the full potential of your account with our feature suggestions. We'll highlight new additions and features that may have gone unnoticed. Get ready to supercharge your video strategy!

  • Stay in the Loop: Wondering what's happening across your Wistia account? We'll keep you updated on account activity, so you never miss a beat.

Whenever you log in to Wistia, you’ll land on your Home page, and you can easily return to your Home page via the main navigation.

side panel main navigation for Wistia platform featuring links for Home, Content Library, Studio, Live Events, Analytics, and Archived

Welcome home 😎