We know a good video becomes great when it’s polished up and feels professional.

Before this update, aspect ratios could throw a real wrench in your polished plans. With any aspect ratio mismatch, you end up with those pesky black bars (called letterboxing).

Backgrounds that blend

✨With our brand-new backgrounds and layouts ✨ you can elevate any video to a branded beauty.

Starting today, you can change your video's background to one of various gradients, or any solid color. Your video will play beautifully on top of your color or gradient of choice and you’ll avoid letterboxing.

Remember your brand kit? Those colors will be available as quick selections, too.

Layouts that fit

Now—for any video in Wistia—you can use our editor to present your content in different layouts. Toggle between full and tile views to introduce padding and rounded corners. (Ooh, stylish.)

You can also scale and position your video within these layouts to center your subject, fill the canvas, or even shrink it down

When you're all done, just hit “save” to export your changes. And there you have it, a polished video you’re proud to show off.

This one is available on all plans, so go ahead and try it today.

-Team Wistia