📊 🏷 Introducing Analytics x Tags: Elevate Your Video Insights Like Never Before! 🚀

Analytics x Tags empowers you to take full control of your video data by enabling you to filter your analytics using custom tags you’ve created in your account.

🏷 Craft personalized tags that align with your brand, campaigns, video objectives, or attributes directly on your Media Overview page.

📊 Then, head to your Account Overview analytics page and effortlessly filter your analytics by the tags that you’ve created across all of your media, empowering you to zoom in on the metrics that truly matter to your business.

Wistia’s Analytics x Tags capability allows you to gain a deeper understanding and extract valuable insights by analyzing the performance of your tags individually or in combination. Now, it’s easier than ever to make informed decisions based on refined, tag-specific analytics, enabling you to optimize your content strategy.

Tag! You’re it!