Automated Emails in Wistia Live

Manually setting up emails to remind your audience to show up to your live event is a thing of the past! Now, we’ve got you covered with automated confirmation and reminder emails that look great and give your audience all the information they need while saving you time and effort.

When you set up a live event with registration enabled, you can send a confirmation email whenever someone registers for your event that will provide them with the event details and a calendar link.

You can also select from three reminder emails to give your registrants a gentle nudge to show up: one day, one hour, and 15 minutes before your event is scheduled to take place. You enable any combination of these reminder emails, and each one has a link that leads directly to your event.

Finally, you can send a brief follow-up email to your registrants to thank them for attending your webinar.

Customize the subject line and email preview text for any of these emails to reflect your brand voice, and send yourself or your team a test email to make sure everything’s looking good!

It’s time to sit back and let our automated emails do the heavy lifting, while you focus on making your webinar amazing.