We're excited to announce major new capabilities for Wistia Live that will take your webinars to the next level!

What's New?

Hosts can now dynamically bring up to 9 panelists on stage simultaneously during a live event.

Why Does It Matter?

This game-changing update allows for much more interactive and engaging virtual events. Having up to nine panelists on stage at once makes it easier than ever to host dynamic discussions, Q&As, panels, and more—all without having to juggle moving people on and off the stage. It's perfect for town halls, all-hands meetings, panel-focused webinars, and any event that requires multiple presenters.

Plus, the ability to share your screen while live makes demos, slide presentations, and collaborative workflows a breeze during your webinars.

How Does It Work?

During your Wistia Live event, click on any panelist's stream to add them to the main stage with you. Up to 9 panelists can join you on stage at any given time. To share your screen, click the "Share Screen" button then bring that screen on stage.

This powerful new functionality is available at no additional cost to all Wistia Live Pro, Advanced, and Premium customers.

Elevate your webinar game today by taking advantage of more interactive stage presentations and screen sharing with Wistia Live.

As always, let us know if you have any feedback.

Team Wistia