We’re excited to share how we’ve made bulk actions even better to use in Wistia.

Select all (for all)

Instead of endlessly scrolling, now you can easily select all with the total media count right at the top of your page. Select all works on all types of content, from Projects and Channels to All Media and Archived. It’s easier than ever to select everything on the page. 

Take bulk actions on filters

Use our handy filters to narrow down your list of content. Then, take a bunch of actions right from there. With this update, you can quickly archive, copy, or any other bulk action on filtered lists. 

Live videos join the party

Yep, you’re invited. All of your past live events are now part of the bulk actions party! Take action on your recorded videos just like you would any other media. 

Let’s take this async

Say “buh-bye” to waiting around for updates. All your bulk actions now do their thing in the background with a handy indicator when tasks are completed processing. Just take a peek at the upper right-hand corner of your screen to see your actions in well…action.

Now that’s what we call bulk actions. This refreshed experience is available for everyone on all plans. 


The Wistia Team