Looking for stakeholder feedback? Get those approvals faster with team commenting in Wistia. Hey, you might even be able to ditch a tool or two and streamline your approval processes. 

Now you can leave (or receive!) time-coded comments on your videos. No Wistia login? No sweat. Just share your media page with your CMO, clients, or anyone who needs to sign off. They can leave their time-coded comments for you to dig into.

Want to check it out? It’s easy. Just go ahead and:

  1. Head over to any media page and select “Comments.” There’s where the collaboration happens. 

  2. Pause or select any point in the timeline.

  3. Start your comment in the “Team” tab for internal collaboration, or click “Audience” to get external feedback. 

  4. Ready to share with others? Simply tag them, or if they aren’t a Wistia user, select the option to have “team comments” show on the public media page. 

Just like other video collaboration tools you might be used to, you’ll get a neat little icon right on the timeline that represents your feedback. And yes! You’ll get email notifications, too. Just tag a team member to get the ball rolling. 

Consolidate your tools by bringing collaboration into Wistia. Team commenting is available on all plans! Yep, you can ditch the complicated workflows and start commenting in Wistia right today.

Want more info? Check out the nitty gritty details on commenting in our help center