✨ Customize your live events

We’re excited to offer more ways to design stunning, custom experiences around your live events.

On your event overview page, open the Customize menu on the left sidebar to access more customization options. Within this menu, you can customize your event’s appearance, registration page, registration form, event room, and event reminder emails.

Here are the highlights:

  • We’ll leverage your logocolor, and font selections to create beautiful layouts representing your brand identity.

  • You can also easily highlight important information, such as featured speakers, to excite your audience about the upcoming event.

  • You can create a custom registration page or embed the sign-up form on a landing page of your choosing.

  • The full event experience also includes the messages you send leading up to and following the event, so you can check out and update your email settings from here as well.

We hope these updates are helpful, and we can’t wait to see the amazing events you'll create!

For more information, please visit our help center