Email Collecting in Channels

We’re excited to add the option to collect emails using Turnstiles in your Channels. You have a few options:

  • Off (Default) - This option will make sure no email collection forms show up on the videos in your channel, regardless of what is set on each individual video within Customize.

  • Overlay on hover - A Turnstile will show up when a viewer hovers over the player, on the lefthand side, without pausing the video.

  • Require email - A Turnstile that takes over the whole player displays on the first video a viewer attempts to watch in your Channel. They only have to enter their email once per Channel.

  • Conditional - This option persists the individual videos’ Turnstiles that have been set in Customize. For example, if your first two videos have Turnstiles that pause the video and ask for email, and the rest of the videos have nothing, that will be the experience in your Channel.

Note: If you’re syncing with your email provider, we recommend setting up one email list per Channel. For the way our email integrations are built, it’s set up to collect one email per account, per provider, per list. If you set up the same list on multiple channels, it will only save it once.