As of today, all users have access to video highlights. Powered by AI, this feature analyzes transcripts from webinars, interviews, lectures, and more to identify the most engaging and impactful parts of your videos.

Want to save some serious time? Getting started is super easy. 

  1. Just upload your video and click "find highlights” in Wistia’s editor.

  2. Let artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting to comb through your content.

  3. Then, watch as Wistia generates concise clips of the best moments. 

Those highlights will then get dropped right into Wistia’s video editing timeline, where you can easily clean up and refine your clips. You can trim up the start and end, cut out anything you don’t want, and then share that highlight directly on social media or embed it on your website. We also generate titles and descriptions for your highlights. Pretty neat, huh? 

We’re super excited about the potential that AI has to streamline all your video workflows. Go on and give it a try.

✨ To the future of video! 

P.S. Don’t see video highlights? Learn how you can switch from your legacy plan