We’re excited to introduce our latest feature that brings your media information front and center across our platform. 

Whether you’re exploring your media within a Project, on the Media tab in your Content Library, or simply sifting through search results, accessing vital information about your videos has never been easier. 

Just hover your cursor over a video, click on the three vertical dots (we like to call them “meatballs”), and select “View Info” — and there you have it, your media’s info at your fingertips! You’ll see information such as the date created, the user that created the video, play count, file size, duration, and more!

You can also find this valuable information by clicking on any of your videos and reviewing the “Info” section right below the player. 

This feature is available on all plans and for all users. Certain information will be restricted based on user permissions.

Stay in control of your content and stay informed with our new Media Info feature.

Happy browsing!