Today we released a significant improvement to Customize for Audio and Video medias in Wistia.

What you experienced before is the Save and Navigation flow within Customize that we have had for a few years - a side nav that enabled you to make a series of changes before saving in bulk. This was great for a few users who regularly needed to make the same changes, but was painful for the majority of users who only wanted to change or experiment with a few things, Save, and find they had saved changes they did not want or expect.

You might say that caused a little Panic at the Discard ;)

With the majority of our customers in mind, we kicked off a flow refresh project for Customize - the first release of which was the repositioning of the Save/Discard buttons. Shortly after we introduced a modal that appears if you attempt to leave Customize with unsaved changes.

The improvements in today’s release include:

  • Removing the Back button which added to navigational confusion
  • Implementing save-as-you-go instead of bulk-save
  • Removing the sidenav bar - customer usage of this feature was very low and added pain in a save-as-you-go model
  • Helpful animations to clarify state transition with each section
  • Tooltip refinements to help rather than impede navigational flow
  • Clearer state indicators for features that users can turn on/off
  • Customize no longer kicks you out of Customize when you make changes
  • Updated Load Settings copy to clarify what is copied over

We hope you find these changes have a positive impact in your Customize experience, and please reach out with any feedback you have!