We’re excited to announce an update to our Channels feature that includes a new add-on called Locked Channels. With this feature, you can now lock and privatize your channels, similar to your projects. This means that once enabled, only authorized viewers will be able to log in and access all the videos within the channel. 

The best part is that this feature is available for all accounts on plans that currently have access to Channels. If you're an account owner, manager, or have channel collaborator permissions, you can lock and privatize your channels.

We know that marketers are always looking for new ways to provide a more interactive and engaging experience for their viewers, especially as the size of their audience grows. Whether it's for internal or external content, this update provides marketers with a new way to fully control access to the content they have on their hosted channel pages. 

So go ahead and try it out! We hope this update will help you offer a more secure platform for your content and allow you to create better engagement with your audience.