Introducing: Wistia Live 🎥

Wistia is officially introducing a new webinar tool for marketers: Wistia Live. The newest addition to Wistia’s video marketing platform will allow you to easily produce and host webinars, and turn that live event into evergreen video content. With Wistia Live, you can set up a webinar or live event in seconds, host engaging webinars for your audience, and seamlessly repurpose that content for on-demand viewing, or even edit clips for use in social campaigns.

✏️ Start by creating a live event and configuring the essential information for your audience: a title, date, description, and thumbnail. You’ll also have the option to enable registration for your event, and collect valuable leads. When it comes time to go live, you’ll be able to present alongside four additional panelists. 

As the host, you’ll have full control over how your panelists and content are displayed with four different layout options to choose from, to provide a more dynamic viewing experience for your audience. Check in with your panelists using the private backstage chat functionality, or engage with all of your attendees via the audience chat. 💬

After your event is over, the recording is automatically saved to your Wistia account, and the fun begins! ✂️ Trim out those awkward silences using Wistia’s native editing tool, customize the player to match your branding colors, embed or share the recording on your site or social media to turn that video into a lead sharing machine, and continue to measure engagement of your webinar. 📈

To learn more about Wistia Live, and how to get the most out of your webinars, visit our Help Center.

Happy webinar-ing!
-The Wistia Team