We're excited to bring a new feature to your Live event experience! Say hello to the Allowlist, designed to take your event management to the next level.

What’s New?

Now, when setting up a Live event as a host, you can limit access to your event with an allowed list of approved domains.

Like the blocklist, this reverse functionality gives you more control over who can access and attend your Live Events. For example, you might want only specific customers or internal team members to access Live Event content.

The allowlist is more restrictive than a blocklist because it only allows specific domains, while a blocklist prevents specific domains.

How It Works

After creating a Live Event, simply click on "Registrants" > "Manage access."

You’ll have the option to choose:

  • No restriction

  • Block list

  • Allow list

If you select the allowlist, you’ll be prompted to provide the allowed email domains. This means only individuals with email addresses from the allowed domains list can register successfully, receive an invite to the event, and access the event room.

And if you change your mind, you can easily to a different option.

Access for all Live customers

This feature is rolling out to all users with access to Live: Advanced, Premium, and now customers on the Pro plan.

Enjoy enhanced control over your Live events!
- The Wistia Team