What’s new?
Hosts and panelists can now maximize and minimize their view of the Stage during a Live Event.

Why does it matter? 
This feature allows hosts and panelists to better focus on presenting by maximizing the Stage view to match what the audience sees. Maximizing removes potential distractions like the chat panel and backstage streams. It provides more confidence and control during live sessions.

How does it work?

At the bottom of the Stage, you can find the button to “maximize the stage.” By clicking on this, hosts and panelists can maximize the Stage at any time, hiding the chat panel and backstage from their own view only.

  • Maximizing does not impact the audience's view of the event

  • Hosts and panelists can minimize the Stage view to restore the chat panel and backstage streams in their interface

  • Minimizing also only affects the host/panelist's own view

This feature is available to all Pro, Advanced, and Premium Wistia Live customers.

Team Wistia