Today, we’re super excited to announce the General Availability of podcasting features in Wistia. The new update allows you to host, distribute, brand, and analyze your podcasts’ performance with the same tools you’ve come to know and rely on for video.


Wistia’s podcasting capabilities offer flexibility and functionality in distribution, branding and user experience, and in-depth analytics. You can embed a complete channel experience on your site, an individual audio player on select content, and distribute out to all major podcast listening apps. Both the audio player and channel experience is fully customizable to sync seamlessly with your brand, and Channel Stats and heatmaps provide in-depth insight into audience activity and episode performance.

Ready to check it out?

All you need to do is:

  1. Log-in to your account and Create a new Channel
  2. Select “Yes, I want to distribute my content in podcasting apps”
  3. Import or upload a piece of content or, just take a look around at the cool, new features

You can learn more about Wistia’s new podcasting features here -