We've introduced a fresh update to make sharing and embedding smoother and more intuitive than ever.

Currently, the process of sharing and embedding is bundled into one action. This can be a hassle because if you want to quickly share a video link, you have to go all the way to the fourth(!)  tab of the Embed and Share modal to find the media link. Additionally, the current embedding choices lack descriptions or links to support articles. This can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for new users.

This new experience is now live, so jump in and take a look around!

On the media page, you’ll notice the share button just above your video (where the “Embed & Share” button used to be).

This will open up a new and improved modal where you can easily share your media link, or post directly to your socials: 

If you’re looking to embed your video, look no further than the side nav: 

When you click on “Embed”, you’ll be brought to a new modal with all of your embed options, including an embed preview and helpful context to help you choose which type of embed is right for you: