Have a bumper waiting in the wings? Now you can add more videos to your timeline with stitching.

You told us that you wanted to add bumpers, intros, outros, and other clips to your editing timeline in Wistia. And instead of saying “you asked, we answered,” we’re just going to say…we did it!

Now you can upload a video into Wistia and add that as a personalized intro, bumper, or any other clip to your editing timeline. Just add, rearrange, trim, and there you have it! (We just ask that you keep it under four hours. Not too shabby, right?)

What can you do with stitching?

Rearrange clips how you want

Once you have multiple clips on your timeline, whether you split them or uploaded them, you can now drag, rearrange, and drop them across the timeline.

Keep your clips organized

You’ll notice a nifty new properties panel to the right. That’s where you’ll find things like:

  • Clip Name: Differentiate clips by naming them

  • Volume Control: Make sure your audio levels are…level

  • Help Icon: Get access to editing tips when you need them

And more to come!

This exciting update is available to users on our new Pro, Advanced, and Premium Plans! Don’t have one of these plans? Make the switch, or start a trial to learn more.

Keep on stitching! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

-The Wistia Team