We’ve been hard at work over here at Wistia to make our Channels feature a better experience for all of our users. Now a single media can be published and distributed throughout multiple Wistia Channels, without making a single copy. (Did we just hear you cheer?) Let’s dig into the deets.

One media to rule them all

Think of the relationship like a playlist on your favorite streaming app. Now you can publish one media in multiple locations and Channels. Simplicity at its finest.

Folders as your new home base

Instead of having your media spread across different parts of the app, you now have one centralized space to manage your content. Once your media is in a folder, you can reference it in any Channel or embed it anywhere. 

Savings on media limits

Instead of copies on copies (that can get expensive, quickly), now you can have one media that’s referenced in lots of places. Similar to your embed locations, you’ll be able to see what Channels a media is referenced in, alongside all those other great locations.


- The Wistia Team