Introducing the Origin Filter

We're thrilled to announce a new feature to your Wistia experience! As of today, we've rolled out the Origin Filter, a feature designed to elevate your content management game.

What's New?

Access Origin Filters Anywhere
Now, you can seamlessly access the Origin Filter on both the Content Library Media Tab and the Search Results Page. This game-changing addition empowers you to narrow down your media list based on its origin—whether it's from Live Events, Recordings, or the Editor.

Insightful "Info" Section
The Origin Filter doesn't stop there! You'll find a dedicated section in the "Info" tab of a Media Page and within the "Media Info" modal, presenting a clear snapshot of your media's origin. This invaluable information is at your fingertips, making your content management more intuitive.

Inclusive Access for All
We believe in democratizing powerful features. That's why the Origin Filter is available to all Wistia users, regardless of their account type—free or paid. Enhance your workflow without any limitations.

Tailored Access for Different Roles
While all user roles can leverage the Origin Filter in Search Results, only owners and managers can access the Content Library Media Tab access.

Happy Organizing!
The Wistia Team