A new year calls for a new look for Wistia’s editing feature. This glow-up will have you trimming, stitching, and adding background music like a pro.

Our new left-hand navigation makes it much easier to pull in bumpers, background music, other clips, or transitions right into the timeline! Speaking of transitions, We’ve added a new one! Fade to white. Oh, and don’t forget about our handy text-based editing that’s the key to the fastest editing yet. 

I guess you could say we’ve spruced up the place a bit. But, don’t worry, all the functionality you know and love is still available. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Adding video, music, and transitions has moved to the left-hand menu.

  • Accessing clip properties, such as adjusting the volume, can now be found in Properties within the left-hand menu.

  • Next to your video title, you’ll see progress updates in real-time.

  • Now you can delete transitions directly from your timeline.

  • Find keyboard shortcuts and help docs by clicking the “?” on the lower right-hand side of your screen.

Have a video that could use a quick polish? Hop on into editing there to see the new look. 


Team Wistia