Pardot Forms are now available for use with video when you setup your Pardot integration in Wistia.

🔗 Seamless Integration: Adding Pardot Forms you’ve customized and created in Pardot to your videos in Wistia is a breeze. These forms function like Pardot Forms and are integrated directly into your videos, just like Turnstiles or CTAs.

📊 Generate Leads Seamlessly: Converted viewer contact information submitted using a Pardot Form is sent directly to your Pardot account.

🎵 Harmonize Media and Email Marketing: Achieve marketing synergy by seamlessly integrating media and email campaigns. Boost engagement and deliver tailored content that resonates.

Get ready to supercharge your marketing efforts with the power of Pardot Forms for Video and the seamless Wistia integration. Engage, nurture, and convert viewers into contacts without skipping a beat.

Ready to transform your video strategy? Explore Pardot Forms for Video today!