If you’re anything like us, it can be tough to nail a video recording on the first try. From flubbed lines to sharing the wrong screen, we feel the pain of having to re-record multiple clips just to get it right.

Stop starting over
Enter our newest recording game-changing, mid-recording switching feature: Clip Management. Now when you click pause while recording, your progress is saved as a new clip. That means you can record, retake, and even record again without creating multiple videos.

Control your clips
Now it’s a whole lot easier to create a polished video in just one session.

All you need to do is press pause. Then you can review your clips, rename them, or even delete the bad takes. You can also change your recording settings—like your camera, mic, shared screen, and teleprompter script. Then, just click the red recording icon to pick it back up.

Edit it all on one timeline

When you edit your recording, you'll see all your clips on the timeline with the names you gave them during your recording session. Neat, huh?

This feature is available on all plans. So, get in there and check it out today.

-Team Wistia