We’re rolling out some updates to the Content Library!

Archived Media Tab: Where Past Meets Present
No need to navigate to the side, we’ve relocated archived media to its own tab in the Content Library. Take advantage of filters to zero in on what you’re looking for. Archived media are not embeddable nor shareable, and do not count towards your plan’s media limit.

Media Tab: Spotlight on the Shareable Stuff
The Media Tab is now exclusively for all the media in your account that you can share and embed, and that counts towards your plan’s media limit. Keep it sleek, keep it simple.

Access Control
Only account owners and managers have access to the Archived Tab and Media Tab in the Content Library.

What’s Next? Stay Tuned!
We’re not stopping here! More updates, tweaks, and maybe a bit of wizardy coming your way in the Content Library. We’re all about keeping things fresh and user-friendly.

Stay organized!
The Wistia Team