Important Update: Session-Level Analytics

Starting in March 2024, we’re updating how we handle session-level data in Wistia. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s Changing? 

Starting in March 2024, we will retain session-level data for up to 2 years. This data includes viewer contact details, IP address, and engagement metrics recorded during individual viewing sessions. It’s important to note that this update will not impact your account-level analytics or aggregated all-time analytics for your media. 

Benefits of the Update

This update provides several benefits, including: 

  • Improved Analytics Performance: Expect faster load times and smoother analytics performance. 

  • Easier Data Export: Exporting your session-level data will be more straightforward. 

  • Alignment with Industry Standards: We’re aligning with industry best-practices to enhance our platform’s efficiency. 

How it May Affect You

Session-level data appears in various parts of your Wistia account. Here’s what to expect: 

View Stream: The View Stream shows you all session-level data organized by date. With this update, the View Stream will no longer display sessions older than two years. 

View Stream Example: 

Visitor Page: The visitor page includes information like visitor name, recent session locations, time spent on videos, and more. With this change, the Visitor Page will exclude sessions older than two years. 

Visitor Page Example: 

Media Analytics, Engagement: Session-level data appears on the Media Analytics page under the Engagement tab. With this change, sessions older than two years won’t appear in the user interface (under Heatmaps) or in exports. 

Media Analytics Example: 

Audience Page: The Audience Page Data including visitor play history, locations, ISP details, and email address (if available) will exclude sessions older than two years: 

Audience Page Example: 

HubSpot Integration: In HubSpot, session data presented as a heatmap within an iframe will exclude sessions older than two years. 

APIs: Session-specific data older than two years won’t be included in API call responses. 

No Action is Required

You don't need to take any action during this update. However, if you want to retain session-level data for more than two years, you can either export it through the user interface or fetch it using our API.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.