We know that one of the most important parts of a successful video is the collaboration that it takes to get there. And we’ve heard your feedback that sometimes it takes just as long to share with each person on your team as it did to make the video (or almost!). So we made it easier to share folders with everyone in your Wistia account and grant access to content in just one click!

What’s changed?

  • Making it easier to start sharing: We introduced a new “share” button that you can access on your folder page and easily share all of the content in the folder. 

  • Sharing with more people, more easily: You’ll find a General Access section when you select the share button that will now let you choose the “Anyone in my Wistia account” setting.

How does it work?

The new General Access section gives you the option to grant access to “Anyone in my Wistia account” which includes all users. You can also share with “anyone else with the link” which includes people who are not users in your Wistia account.

Looking to give all users in your account access to view a folder’s content? Enable the ‘Can View’ setting.

Interested in giving all users in your account admin capabilities where they can customize and manage media within a folder? Enable the ‘Can Manage’ setting.

Don’t worry, you can still lock or unlock your folder by using the new combinations in the General access section or clicking the lock icon to toggle on/off at the top of your Folders page.

Happy sharing!