Starting 1/1/22 we will no longer be supporting IE 11 for our audio player, video player, Channels, and other embeddables.

This means that video and audio embeds viewed on IE 11 will continue to have uninterrupted playback.

Certain Channel embeds may feature a prompt for users to upgrade to a modern browser to access the Channel's functionality, and will not be receiving any updates, improvements, or fixes with the exception of critical security issues.

We do not expect this to be a significant impact on our customers and your viewers, as we see less than 1% of all media traffic occurring on IE 11, compared to other browsers.

For some context on this decision, in late 2020 Microsoft discontinued support for Teams in IE11, and will be discontinuing support for Office 365 by August 2021. The lifecycle of IE 11 is tied to Microsoft 10, and is experiencing ongoing reductions in usage as Chrome and other modern browsers (Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc) continue to be more popular.

As we get closer to 1/1/22 we will post updates on the experience you and your viewers can expect.