Today we’re announcing massive changes to captions & transcripts at Wistia! Here’s a brief TL;DR:

  • Time coded transcripts are now the universal way to display both captions and a transcript for your media!

  • The transcript will highlight sentences and words as they play within the video that will appear both within the app as well as on your media page for all viewers once enabled.

  • We’ve released an updated experience for editing the video transcript directly within the media overview page and this is just the beginning for all the amazing things we have planned!

Some further details are down below for why we’ve made this change:

  • Our new time coded captions feature will combine the two into a universal use document.  Editing this document will update the transcript and captions being used within the media. One single source of truth for both!

  • Transcripts are only visible and searchable via the player and do not appear on the media page today.  With this change, we’re enabling complete visibility for all viewers to utilize. You can enable the transcript on your media page with our new Editing Experience

  • You will now have the ability to see and edit the transcript and the captions used for the media file directly on the same page as you are viewing the media. This experience is perfect to ensure the text is displaying correctly with the audio as it follows along word by word as the media plays!

This is available for all users to manually order a new Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) transcript for new media in your account or set them to auto-order via your account settings so they can begin processing once the media is created. For existing media prior to this change, you can either order a new ASR transcript or, if one existed previously, you can simply migrate it to the new experience from the media overview page.

Go and enjoy this new experience today and be on the look out for further refinements with transcripts and how it’s presented with your media!