We're absolutely pumped to announce this sweet, sweet update to help you reach a global audience effortlessly. Now, with Wistia, you can seamlessly translate your transcripts into multiple languages and offer a truly inclusive viewing experience to your audience. All it takes is a click. Let’s dive into everything you can do with this update.

What's new?

  • Translate transcripts into a language of your choice

  • Create multiple translations for a single transcript

  • Display translated transcripts as multi-language caption options

  • Choose which transcript to display in the Media Page

How It Works:

  1. Navigate to your Media Page and click on the Transcript Panel.

  2. From the Drop-Down Menu, select the "Create New Translation" button.

  3. Choose your desired language from the list or search for it.

  4. Once selected, the UI will refresh automatically upon completion of the translation, showcasing the translated transcript in the panel.

  5. The newly translated transcript is also instantly available as a caption option in the Media Player.

  6. Easily switch between languages by selecting the "Select Language" button from the Transcript Panel's dropdown menu.

Language should never be a barrier to interacting with your brand. By offering seamless translation capabilities, we're empowering you to connect with diverse audiences without the hassle or expense of external tools.

This marks the beginning of a new era in video accessibility and global outreach. Start translating your content today and unlock the full potential of your audience reach with Wistia! 🌍✨







The Wistia Team