We've been busy creating a better Channel experience for you! This includes some usability enhancements and exciting new channel features - like an improved editor, headerless Channels, and Channel list views. Plus, we have even more enhancements planned.

This means some of your older Channels (any Channel created before November 2020) will need to change. All Channel enhancements will only be available in our new channel architecture.

Any legacy Channels that have not been embedded will soon be converted to Projects in Wistia. This means:

  • Instead of looking for them under Channels, you can find them as Projects, under the Projects tab.

  • Any media and links to media associated with the Channel will remain unchanged.

  • The media will be organized in the Project just as it was in the channel.

Any Channels that have been embedded will soon be automatically migrated to our new Channel architecture. You don't have to do anything but sit back and start to take advantage of the new features!

You can learn more about channels in Wistia in our Help Center.