We’ve made some important updates to our live events to bring you a more reliable and stable experience. While most of this work was updating our infrastructure in the back end of Wistia, there are a couple of things you’ll notice on the surface, too:

  • You can now invite dozens of Panelists to join your event! As the host, you can bring panelists on stage to present, or they can hang out backstage to interact with your audience via the chat and Q&A.

    • Keep in mind that there is a limit of 4 streams that can be brought on stage at once. Streams include hosts, panelists, and screen shares.

  • On top of that, there is no longer a restriction on how many hosts can enter the event! Collaborate with your co-host to moderate chat, bring people on and off stage, and change layouts for a seamless experience.

  • We’ve improved the resolution for live events, so that the highest quality for individual camera feeds is 1080p.

  • Lastly, you’ll notice the Host & Panelist display names now show up for your audience, so they can easily keep track of who’s presenting.