Viewers that make any settings changes to the player during their viewing session now have those settings carry over to any other video within the same channel. This is specific to the volume, play speed and captions settings only.

This means that if a viewer, or maybe yourself, sets captions ON for the first video, then captions will be enabled for all subsequent videos. If the play speed is set to to 1.25x, then that will also carry over to their next video too, making it easier to enjoy the viewing experience. These settings are also set for individual channels, so watching Lenny on one channel with the volume on Mute doesn’t impact watching a different channel where you have the volume on.

We’re saving these settings in the browser’s local storage, which is like a cookie, but without all the GDPR concerns.

There’s nothing that you need to do or change, it just works and is available for everyone!

Go enjoy a frictionless viewing experience on your favorite channel today!